It is a devising theatre workshop dedicated to the face exploration: it’s expressivity, physical capacities and limitations, variety of topics connected to the face itself – from Michael Jackson’s experiments on his face to everyone’s own face ©. The workshop demo was performed in Helsinki, at MasQue Festival in the Autumn 2009.

Participants of the project: students of the puppetry specialization of the Performing Arts Department of the Turku Arts Academy and exchange students of 2009 autumn term: Akari Komaki (Japan); Vitalia Samuilova (Lithuania); Maёlle Le Gall (France); Perrine Ferrafiat  (France); Sandra Lange (Estonia); Katerina Fojtikova (Czech Republic); Katariina Tamm (Estonia); Katri Pekri (Estonia); Kadri Kalda (Estonia); Raisa Suksi; Jessica Kangasniemi; Essi Nummelin; Hilla Väyrynen.


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