The two-week The BAD SEEDS workshop was organized in the Theatre Academy in Bialystok, Poland in October 2010. The goal of the classes was quite traditional for the schools’ reality: the director of the diploma production (in this case – myself) is getting more familiar with the future  performers team in order to get the idea of the graduation show and the  group skills.

So the workshop participants were 3rd year students from the puppetry department…

The ideal way for me to warm up actors I am working with is to choose the theme for the mutual exploration and to give my colleagues freedom for professional and personal interpretation of the topic. I was interested in the “evil kids”, “lords of the flies” – in the “bad seeds”…

We watched collection of the old black-and-white films that I’ve selected for the workshop, we have chosen the actual and challenging motives from all various scripts,  we found out what exactly is the nature and the origin of our puppet characters and what is their “evil” side, that is what is wrong with them. There are many myths about the origin of man: some of our characters were found in the cabbage; others – in the dough. Some of them might have been paranormal from the very first moment of existence…

Besides the Bad Seeds subject, we were making self-discovery sessions and every day had time to develop own tasks, and shared them within the colleagues at the end of every day.


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