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TACTILE: CINDERELLA is the story of the girl  who learnt to survive just by laughing. In this  interactive performance the audience plays along with the actors with the props that are all beans, peas, and lentils

TACTILE is the show that you can touch, smell and even eat… Or just simply watch it with your eyes shut



Cinderella’s song – ROOSA HALME

Design assistant/Objects constructor Roman Chauzov

Grain Portrait Roman Chauzov

WORKSHOP: During the after-show workshop you will make self-portraits, create music pieces, and visit Cinderella’s world: you will touch and play with anything you choose from her surroundings:  hourglass timer made of transparent textile with lentils of different colors dropping inside  (to be turned upside down, observed, shaken, etc); Cinderella’s apron with numerous tiny “pockets of wishes”; Cinderella’s dress made of thinnest silk that flies itself; etc.

Grain Portrait Roman Chauzov

“Cinderella! Can you hear me? I know, you can: children hear everything in their dreams. Listen, my sweet pea. You are nice, and strong, and beautiful. But life won’t be easy for you, you know that too, don’t you? But do you know, what to do, when it gets tough, unbearably, unthinkably tough? I’ll tell you: you laugh. When the wind blows hard in your face – you laugh. When the hail drops hard from the skies, like rocks – you laugh. When fate seems so mean and unfair – you laugh. When bad people do bad things to you – laugh, sweetie, laugh in their face! Laugh, as if nothing is wrong, laugh because nothing is stronger than laughter! Tears are a shield of defeat, laughter is a weapon of victory! Remember this, my sweet pea, remember this!”


Stage: Any type of public space; preferably, sound-proof. Auditorium: amphitheatre

No theatre light needed

Audience: 50 persons in total, including  10-12 active participants and observers following both actors, and active participants actions;

Workshop: 12 people

Set up: 1,5 hour Set down: 1 hour

FESTIVALS: Turku; Mikkeli; Helsinki


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