The TIP-Connection Company presents:


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a story of one Girl and two Toy Dogs. All of them undergo the same experience: they find themselves in a very difficult situation, learn how to survive and then even how to have a fun!

DIRECTOR Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya
DESIGNER  Maëlle Le Gall (France)
DIRECTOR’S ASSISTANT Perrine Ferrafiat (France)
LIGHT DESIGN Jarkko Forsman
PERFORMERS Sirpa Järvenpää, Nanna Mäkinen and Laura Hallantie

“The appealing Bath Day is made with professionalism and precision. Puppets used in the show are ordinary toy dogs and in the beginning they seem inanimate. A witty twist and a change of rhythm occurs when the puppeteers dressed in neutral black costumes bring the dogs to life. Their movements become human-like, detailed and natural. With the light musical accompaniment the dogs begin to move on the drying line – first carefully and clumsily, then getting braver, performing more and more demanding tricks on the rope. The white linens – towels, sheets and underskirts – provide a life-like, yet challenging background, inviting to play.” Annina Karhu, Turun Sanomat 10.2.2010. Translated from Finnish by Laura Hallantie

FESTIVALS: Tallinn, Sandefjord; Mikkeli, Hameenlinna


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