Spectacle de marionnettes pour tout public à partir de 4 ans

 You think penguins can’t fly, right? Wrong! Penguins can fly, but only when someone desperately needs their help –for instance, a little mouse who fell out of a Montgolfier. Two characters: one who always sits at home, afraid to come out, another – who travels all the time, seeking action, and finally gets in trouble. This is a story of friendship and courage, proving that we all can fly, even if we think we can’t – all we have to do is conquer out fears. Do it once, and your life will become a never-ending journey packed with adventure.


Mise en scène Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya
Scénographie, marionnettes Sacha Poliakova
Marionnettiste Sacha Poliakova
Musique Roman Dymny; David Georgelin

Technique: table-top puppets, shadows
Language : No words
Durée 45 minutes
Première March 2016



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